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Automatic floodwater light installed at The Strood, Mersea Island

29 June 2016

A new solar-powered street light has been installed on the road leading to Mersea Island to help drivers avoid being caught out by high tides.

The new light, installed along The Strood, will come on automatically when the water floods over the road and covers the sensor on the lighting column.

The light will help illuminate flood depth markers and help drivers judge whether the road is safe to cross.

The Strood is the only road on and off Mersea Island, but at particularly high tides it is covered by seawater. Drivers may misjudge the water depth and so get stuck in the water, sometimes requiring rescue by the emergency services.

Councillor Eddie Johnson, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “The depth markers will help drivers judge the deeper floods, but shallower flooding can be difficult to see at night.

“The new solar light will come on automatically so the drivers can better see the flood water, giving them time to slow down and take a decision on when to cross. A solar-powered light is cheaper to run and also better in the local wildlife environment as it only comes on when useful.”