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Billericay School students offered expert advice at apprenticeship evening

5 December 2017

Nearly 50 pupils at the Billericay School have benefitted from expert advice and guidance as part of an innovative Essex County Council project.


On 23 November, the Essex County Council Apprenticeship Promotion and Brokerage Hub attended an Apprenticeship evening hosted by the Billericay School to discuss with Year 11 students how they can best maximise their opportunities in post-16 education.


The session brought together parents and carers with students to discuss how they can take advantage of the different apprenticeship opportunities available to them following their GCSEs next summer.


The pupils were able to find out more from companies such as Ford and organisations such as PROCAT about how they are increasing their apprenticeship opportunities, as well as gain valuable help from both Essex County Council and school experts on tailoring their CVs, writing cover letters and dealing with interviews to help them achieve their goals post-16.


The evening at Billericay School is one of the first of many events the Council are holding to help students discover the options open to them following their Year 11 studies.


Mrs Fox, a parent of two students at the Billericay School, said: “My son and I found the session at the year 11 parents evening, very informative and extremely helpful.


“Before this session, neither my son nor I knew what apprenticeships were available and also how to apply for them. However, by the end of the session, we felt a lot more comfortable with how to apply and what they were about.


“The representative was very knowledgeable and has been helping both my son, who’s studying for his GCSE’s, and my daughter, who’s preparing for her A-levels to complete their CVs, allowing them to consider an apprenticeship as an option. I’d highly recommend attending the sessions as they allow you to gain insight on possible pathways in apprenticeship.”


Cllr Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Growth, said: “The Apprenticeship Promotion and Brokerage Hub is working with a number of schools across the county to highlight the opportunities that are available for young people. The Hub also offers free advice for businesses as apprentices are a valuable asset and will help their businesses grow. 


“Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to fast-track their career and there are many apprenticeships available in a range of sectors in Essex. Apprentices get to earn while they learn, gain qualifications and gain valuable skills they can build a career on.”


Sally Webb, from PROCAT, added: “PROCAT was pleased to be invited and discuss engineering and construction opportunities and career paths for young people – as well making parents aware of the opportunities available.”


The Headteacher of the Billericay School, Mr Ahson Mohammed said: “We were delighted to host Essex County Council for the Apprenticeship Opportunities evening and look forward to working closely with them in the future.


“As a school, we are fully aware of the volume and diversity of apprenticeship opportunities now available to students and want to do everything we can to help students to make the right choice for them post-16.


“We are very proud of the way in which, as a school, we help our young people, not just with their education across the curriculum, but also supporting them as they take the next step in their academic or working career. We’re committed to doing everything we can to enable our students to make the right choices at every stage of their time as members of our school community.”


To find out more about the Essex County Council Apprenticeship Hub please contact