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Chelmsford rush hour traffic targeted with Parkway improvements

9 January 2019

Rush hour congestion into and out of Chelmsford is being tackled thanks to longer green traffic signals and a new simplified road layout along Parkway – the first of a package of schemes to help keep the city moving.

Essex County Council identified a range of transport infrastructure improvements that would benefit traffic flow and sustainable travel choices across the city. After a successful consultation period, 16 of these projects were nominated to be taken forward as part of the £15 million package of improvement works, known as the Chelmsford City Growth Package.

These projects are about to move in to construction with all projects scheduled to be completed in 2021.  The first schemes to be implemented are along Parkway.
Parkway is the key corridor through the heart of the city, providing an east-west route extending from the Army and Navy roundabout into the city centre for workers, shoppers and visitors.

Work is scheduled to begin on 21 January on improvement schemes at the following key locations on Parkway between the Army and Navy Roundabout and the junction with Victoria Road South.
• Parkway westbound: Simplified road layout for those heading from the Army and Navy Roundabout into the city
• Widening to three lanes at the Odeon Roundabout and improvements to High Bridge Road / Manor Road
• New London Road/Parkway Junction Enhancements with longer green traffic signals to help traffic flow

The proposals will help reduce journey times to and from the city centre and improve road safety by simplifying the road layout and keeping traffic signals on green for longer.

Councillor Kevin Bentley, Cabinet Leader for Infrastructure, Essex County Council, said “It is important that we do everything we can to keep traffic flowing in Chelmsford, and while we are looking very seriously at the longer-term solution for the Army and Navy junction, the Parkway schemes are a great example of the opportunities we are taking to keep traffic flowing smoothly in the short term." 

Updates on the latest information on the Parkway schemes can be found on the website