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Do you know your alcohol limits?

9 August 2017

With summer now in full swing and V Festival just around the corner, Essex County Council is encouraging residents and festival goers to have fun but to know their limits when it comes to alcohol.
People drinking 
Essex County Council’s Public Health team has today launched ‘Know your limits’, a countywide campaign which aims to raise awareness of risky drinking during August and at V festival. It also aims to raise awareness of the associated dangers of alcohol abuse.

Cllr John Spence, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care said: “Summer is a great time of year to get together with friends and family and have fun, but sometimes the fun can be ruined by alcohol.”

“This isn’t about us being killjoys, we want everyone to have a great summer, but we also want our residents to stay safe and know their limits.”

The campaign encourages residents to see how risky their drinking is by taking a short online quiz called ‘Don’t Bottle it Up’ which will then direct them to relevant support and services.

Mike Gogarty, Director of Wellbeing, Public Health and Communities said: “The Don’t Bottle It Up tool is a quick and easy way for people to see if their drinking is risky. We know alcohol related incidents and admissions increase over the summer months so this campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers and encourage residents to know their limits.”

With V Festival taking place next weekend in Chelmsford, Mike also added: “With the temptation and availability to drink all weekend, it’s easy to get carried away at a festival. 

If you’re relying on alcohol to make you feel more sociable or to have fun you may want to seek further support or advice. It is important that people know the dangers associated with drinking, how to stay safe and where to go for help. There will be a number of agencies, including Open Road, at the festival who will be there to support you, if you should need it.”

Drugs and alcohol charity Open Road, commissioned by Essex County Council’s Public Health team, will be on site all weekend, to offer support for anyone that is suffering from the effects of alcohol or drugs. 

Open Road will ensure the individual is looked after and able to recover in a safe environment and that all festival goers enjoy a safer environment.

Leigh Wallis at Open Road, said: “Make sure that you don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach, and keep hydrated throughout the day by making use of the free water stations. Never take a drink from a stranger and keep your own drink in your sight at all times.
“If you’re worried about the effects of alcohol or drugs at any time during the festival you can call us on 07553 385597 or visit us at the Welfare tent”

There will be one welfare tent in The Village between red camp and the main arena and a smaller location near stage 2 in the main arena. The location in the Village will be manned for 24 hours.

To take the alcohol test and to find local support, please take a look at dont bottle it up.