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Essex Trading Standards warns residents and businesses about the dangers of counterfeit alcohol

17 April 2019

Essex Trading Standards Officers have been alerted to cheap vodka being offered wholesale to on-licence businesses in Colchester.

The fake vodka labelled as Kalinska Imperial Vodka has been tested and found to contain significant levels of methanol and as such it has been condemned as injurious to health.

Kalinska Imperial Vodka is a legitimate brand, but the products concerned have been confirmed as counterfeit. 

The legitimate version of this product would only be sold via established wholesale outlets and would have a detailed cap.

There are other significant differences about the liquid and the bottle that can be identified by Trading Standards Officers.

The counterfeit version would make a consumer unwell if they were to drink it.

Licensing Authorities across Essex are aware of the issue. If businesses have any concerns about products that they have been offered for sale either by telephone or in person at their premises, they are asked to report it to

Similarly, if consumers have any concerns then they can report the matter directly to the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506.

Trading Standards Officers are currently working with the local business community and the National Food Crime Unit to identify the wider supply chain and to protect consumers from any harm.