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Next steps for Army and Navy junction

7 February 2019

The green light for the Army and Navy junction’s next chapter was given by the dedicated Taskforce set up to explore the future of the Chelmsford junction. Local residents and businesses near to the Army and Navy roundabout will have a chance to have their say at an early stage.
At the most recent taskforce meeting (4 February) the progress made to date on the scheme was discussed as well as how to get local businesses and residents involved in the process of developing a long-term plan for the roundabout and flyover.
The Taskforce endorsed the plan to invite local businesses and representatives of community groups to workshops this spring to discuss the aims of the scheme and their aspirations for the future of the junction and flyover.
The workshops will be aimed at getting a better understanding of the experience and ideas of a broad range of people in Chelmsford who rely on the Army and Navy junction and flyover every day, and will involve members of the community in shaping the future of the junction.  Subject to further progress and development of proposals, a full public consultation, open to all members of the public, will be held at a later stage.
Essex County Councillor Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Infrastructure said: “It is vitally important that the local community and businesses have their say about how the Army and Navy junction is improved to meet their needs. This is an opportunity for the people and the council to work together to shape and influence the next chapter of the Army and Navy roundabout.
“Getting business and community representatives talking to us about the potential future of the junction is vital in helping us develop options for the Army and Navy roundabout and flyover. We need to build on our vision for Chelmsford’s future transport network and get everyone talking about how we can change this key gateway into the city for the better, giving people more sustainable options and making the road network more resilient.”
The Taskforce also discussed the objectives which any new design for the junction must fulfil to support continued growth and economic success of the city well into the future and agreed that creating a sustainable gateway into the city centre which gave people a range of options should be a key aim of any scheme.
The Taskforce heard in more detail the likely timeline to deliver this major scheme, and the challenge to identify funding for a scheme of this scale. Whilst rapid progress is being made, the scale and detail of work required to develop feasible options and secure the appropriate funding means that any replacement for the existing junction and flyover is likely to a number of years to design, plan and then construct, recognising that more complex construction may take longer to deliver.
Vicky Ford MP said: “It’s good to know that options to deliver a replacement for the A&N are now being considered. Local views will be very important in order to develop the best proposals and then to campaign for the funding.  I do hope people will take part in the stakeholder consultation and help move this project forward.”

Details of Taskforce meetings are available to members of the public to ensure that everyone who is interested is kept informed. Residents, businesses, and organisations interested in the future of the Army and Navy roundabout and flyover are also now able to sign up to a newsletter update on progress on the scheme on the dedicated website.

For more information about the scheme, the Taskforce and to see the details of our Taskforce meetings please take a look here.