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Education and Schools

19 June 2017

Document Name Size (KB)
Application for Primary School Place (Mid-Year)
Application for Secondary School Place (Mid-Year)
Essex code of conduct penalty notices for parents of truants and parents of pupils excluded from school
Developing One-to-One Tuition - Human Resources Toolkit for Tuition Leads and Senior Local Authority Representatives 126
Developing One-to-One Tuition - Human Resources Toolkit for Tutors 135
Developing One-to-One Tuition Guidance for Tutors 43
Early Years Training Brochure
Education Contribution Guidelines Supplement - Our Approach Towards Mitigating the Impact of Development on Schools and Early Years & Childcare Provision 853
Employers of School Aged Children - Essential Information 3,534
Excellence and Enjoyment: Learning and Teaching for Bilingual Children in the Primary Years 1,940
Guidance for Safe Working Practice for the Protection of Children and Staff in Education Settings 2006 335
How do DARTS 49
One to One Tuition: How Individual Tuition is Revolutionising Learning 1,049
One to One Tuition: Self Assessment tool 121
Parent Partnership service
Personalised Learning - A Practical Guide 1,376
Pockets of Poverty: The Challenge for Schools With Small Proportions of Free School Meals Pupils 247
Raising Attainment - Essex Youth Service
School Achievement - Narrowing the Gaps, Leadership for Impact 505
School Achievement - Narrowing the Gaps, Moving on in Mathematics 2,683
School Achievement - Narrowing the Gaps, Supporting the Achievement of Black and Minority Ethnic, Disadvantaged and Gifted and Talented Pupils 1,474
School Achievement - Narrowing the Gaps, The Golden Thread 1,228
School Children With Part Time Jobs - Essential Information for Parents 3,825
School Governor Induction Policy 47
Teaching Level 5 in Mathematics 448
Tutoring at Kingston Primary School 141
Tutoring at Montgomery Junior School 55
Tutoring at Notley High School 2,307
Tutoring at Sir Charles Lucas Arts College 1,702
You Can Be A School Governor - Enriching Education in Essex 152