Providing education in Essex

Our role in providing education for children and young people in Essex and types of schools

We are responsible for providing education for children and young people in Essex. Our role is to:

We are the admission authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools in Essex. Find out more on our school admission arrangements page.

Type of schools

In Essex primary education is provided at either:

  • infant schools (ages 4 to 7)
  • junior schools (ages 7 to 11)
  • primary schools (ages 4 to 11)

Children who attend an infant school can transfer to a junior or primary school at the end of year 2.

Secondary schools are for children aged of 11 to 16, and up to 18.

GOV.UK has information on the different types of school. They also provide advice on choosing a school and finding a school to suit your child.

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