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15 August 2017

Essex County Council welcomes the submission of petitions from residents of the county on matters that are relevant to council services. The council operates a petitions policy.

A petition is a written request for Essex County Council to consider or take action on a particular matter. A petition can lend weight to a particular viewpoint and can demonstrate that a view is shared by others. Residents can now add signatures to petitions online

The procedure for creating and submitting an eligible petition is outlined in the Essex County Council Petitions Policy Essex County Council Petitions Policy. You should read this document prior to submitting your petition, in order to ensure that it meets eligibility requirements. Petitions that do not meet these requirements will not be considered by the council.

The council commits to consider and respond to eligible petitions, dependent upon the nature of the petition and the number of signatories it comprises.

Essex County Council seeks to provide the best services for our residents, businesses and visitors. The feedback received through petitions is one way in which we can continue to understand the needs and views of our customers, and improve the services we offer.