Using your Blue Badge

Your rights and responsibilities as a Blue Badge holder

Visit GOV.UK to see your rights and responsibilities as a Blue Badge holder. This includes:

  • where you can and can't park
  • using your badge abroad

Important things to remember:

  • You must be a passenger or driver of the vehicle at all times when a Blue Badge is displayed
  • You can’t use your badge if you remain in the vehicle while an able bodied passenger leaves the vehicle
  • You mustn’t let anyone else use your badge including carers carrying out business on your behalf
  • You can’t use your badge when it is out of date, or when the information on it is wrong or faded
  • You can’t allow anyone else to reproduce your badge

Displaying your badge

Your Blue Badge must be displayed on top of the dashboard of the vehicle.

The side showing the wheelchair symbol must face forward so the expiry date can be seen from outside the vehicle.

Using your Blue Badge in Europe

You can check which European countries recognise your UK Blue Badge on GOV.UK.

Using a European Blue Badge in the UK

The UK recognises badges issued by EU and EEA countries used by visitors to the UK. If you are a UK resident, you should apply for a Blue Badge from your local authority.

Return a badge

Your Blue Badge is the property of Essex County Council.

Badges should be returned to us if:

  • they are found
  • they have expired
  • they are no longer needed due to the owner being deceased
  • your mobility improves
  • your automatic entitlement ceases

You must send the badge with a note explaining why it is being returned to the Blue Badge team.

Report misuse

Misuse of a Blue Badge is a criminal offence, which can carry a fine of up to £1,000.

You can report misuse of a Blue Badge online:

Report misuse