Going into and leaving hospital

What to do if you have to go into hospital, what happens when you arrive and getting support when you leave

Leaving hospital

The team caring for you will decide when it is time for you to leave hospital. They will only discharge you if they are sure that you no longer need hospital care.

The benefits of leaving hospital include:

  • getting your independence back
  • reducing your risk of infection
  • reducing your risk of losing muscle strength
  • finishing your recovery in a familiar environment

The NHS has more detailed information about what happens when you leave hospital.

You may need to continue your recovery at home. The team caring for you should discuss options for this before you leave.

Discharge planning

The team caring for you will complete a discharge plan before you leave hospital.

You will be involved in the planning of your care and support.

This should include things like:

  • how you are getting home
  • treatment and care when you get home
  • who's in charge of your care and how to contact them
  • when and how often you need care

Discharge summary

When you leave hospital you will be given a discharge summary. A copy will also be sent to your GP. This will provide information about your treatment and future care needs.

If you experienced mental health difficulties leading to your admission

The mental health charity Mind has information and advice to help people who are: