Pay your care invoice

Pay your care invoice online or you can pay by Direct Debit, bank transfer, telephone and cheque

Direct payments

If you choose to arrange your own care and support, you can use direct payments to pay for it.

Arranged care and support

If we arrange care and support for you, we will send you or your representative regular invoices, unless you are using direct payments.

Pay your invoice

The simplest and easiest way to pay your invoices is by direct debit. Once you have set it up there is no further action you need to take. We will write to you before each direct debit collection to keep you informed.

To set-up a Direct Debit, download and print out our form, fill in your details and send it back to us by post. The address is in the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Please ensure you include your 9 digit customer reference number. It starts with either 1 or 5 and can be found on your invoice.

Set-up Direct Debit

You can also pay by:

  • online with a debit or credit card
  • bank transfer: Lloyds Bank PLC, Sort code: 30-00-00, Account Number: 03394751
  • call our 24 hour automated telephone line: 0345 6038152
  • cheque: post to the Income Collection Team

You will need to use your invoice number as your payment reference for each method.

If you don’t pay your invoice in full, your care won’t stop. However, we will take action to recover the amount you owe. This can lead to increasing debts and may affect your credit rating in the future.

If you think your care charge is wrong or you cannot afford to pay

Please contact us as soon as possible if you think your care charge is wrong, or if you cannot afford to pay.