Personal budgets

Find out about personal budgets and using direct payments to arrange and pay for your own care

Help to find your own care and support

You may be able to employ a local person for your care and support if you either:

  • receive your personal budget as a direct payment and use it to arrange your own care and support
  • pay for and arrange your own care and support

Community micro-enterprises

A community micro-enterprise is a small, local business, that offers a service to support:

  • older people
  • disabled people
  • people who need support with mental health and wellbeing

A community micro-enterprise gives you more choice about your care as it offers something different to traditional support services.

They can offer a wide variety of support to help meet your needs including:

  • support at home, such as personal care, meals, cleaning, shopping and running errands
  • support getting out into your community, such as activities, hobbies, therapies, learning new skills, day services and peer support

Find a Community Micro-enterprise on the Tribe app.

Help guide to using a community micro-enterprise (PDF, 394 KB)

To request this guide in an accessible format, email