Re-register a birth

In some cases, you need to register a birth again, which makes a new record in the birth register

In some cases, you must register a birth again, which makes a new record in the birth register. We call this re-registration.

When you need to re-register a birth

You must re-register a birth if:

  • you've married or formed a civil partnership with the other parent of your child. You must do this even if the birth parent's details are on the original birth registration
  • to add the birth father's name and details to your child’s birth entry if this was not recorded on the original

This is only available for births that happened in England or Wales.

How to re-register

To re-register you must:

  1. Find the correct form for your case on: Adding a father's name to a birth certificate. There are two different forms
  2. Download, print and fill in the correct form
  3. Scan or take a clear photo of the form and send to
  4. We will email you to book your appointment. This can take 4-6 weeks
  5. Bring your original form and any supporting documents to your appointment. Appointments take 30 minutes

How much re-registration costs

Re-registration is free.

If you need a copy of the new birth certificate following re-registration, you can buy this for £11 from the district where your child was born.

If you have questions on re-registration

Contact the Registration Service: