Stillbirth and miscarriage

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If your baby was born after the 24th week of pregnancy but did not breathe or show any signs of life, you will need to register a stillbirth.

This gives parents an opportunity to have their child officially acknowledged and have their name recorded.

When to register a stillbirth

A stillbirth must be registered before you can have a burial or cremation for your baby.

If your baby was born before 24 weeks and showed no signs of life, this is legally classed as a miscarriage, and you do not need to register it. Instead you can apply for a baby loss certificate.

If your baby showed signs of life after birth and then died you will need to register this as a birth and a death within five days.

Who can register a stillbirth

If you’re married, either parent can register. Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes.

If you’re not married, both the mother and father should attend.

If this is not possible, call us on 0345 603 7632 and we can talk through your options.

What you need to register a stillbirth

Before your appointment you will need to email the certificate of stillbirth given to you by the midwife or doctor to

At the appointment we will ask you for the name, address and email of your funeral director.

After the appointment, you will be given:

  • a certificate of registration, which includes any names you’ve chosen for your baby
  • a green slip to permit burial or cremation

There’s no fee for registering.


You can get help and advice about stillbirths and baby loss from charities like Sands and Tommy's.

Register a stillbirth