International trade

Find out how to get support to expand your business into international markets.

Essex County Council is committed to supporting small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to explore overseas opportunities.

Helping businesses to trade internationally and access new markets is vital to the local economy and long-term sustainability of Essex companies.

The following programmes and projects offer support to expand overseas.

Essex Chambers of Commerce

The Essex Chambers of Commerce’s International Trade Department supports local, national and global trade.

Visit the Essex Chambers website for a full list of international trade services.

Department for International Trade (DIT) East of England

The (DIT) East of England team supports businesses in our area to help grow their operations overseas. They help first time exporters or experienced exporters to enter new markets. Their International Trade Advisers (ITAs) provide support to businesses through services tailored to their needs.

Find out more about how DIT East of England can help your business export and grow overseas on the GOV.UK website.

Department for Business & Trade

The Department for Business & Trade has local trade offices around the UK. Use their search function to find your nearest office, where you can speak to an international trade advisor.

You can also use the Department for Business and Trade’s ‘Great’ service. This free online platform offers:

  • guides, news and regulations regarding overseas trading
  • help to find the best overseas markets for your sector
  • training and courses on exporting your goods
  • support with common trading barriers

Help and support from government

Find out how to get advice on business planning, exporting, and financial help from government-backed schemes on GOV.UK.