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Business advice and charging policy

About this policy

This policy specifies how Trading Standards will decide whether a service, facility or activity that is supplied to a business will be subject to charge or provided at no cost. The policy also specifies what those charges will be.

We will never charge for visits or inspections carried out as part of our intelligence-led, risk-based enforcement activities.

We offer businesses access to the full range of Trading Standards knowledge and expertise on a charged for consultancy basis.

Responsible businesses should feel confident to approach us, as a regulator, for advice and guidance. If, as a result of your approach to us, a problem with goods or services comes to our attention that must be corrected, we will help you to deal with that problem according to the risk posed.

The primary objective of the service is to help business to achieve compliance and economic prosperity. We genuinely believe that the majority of businesses want to comply with the law and we will support them to do this. We reserve the right to take more formal action against those businesses that deliberately break the law or continue to be noncompliant after provision of appropriate advice and guidance.

Where a business commissions us to provide charged for services, all work commissioned will be set out in writing and the cost or charges and method of payment agreed, prior to any work commencing.

Activities not subject to a charge

There will be no charge for the examination of production processes, procedures and records (including informal and formal analysis) as a result of intelligence-led, risk-based inspections, investigations or projects instigated by us.

Activities subject to a charge

Business advice

We provide advice, guidance and consultancy services including:

  • detailed advice covering all Trading Standards matters that may impact on a business (including a review of all products or services for compliance with Trading Standards legislation)
  • assessment of and report on product labelling for compliance with relevant legislation (for example food labels, credit adverts, safety labels)
  • formal or informal analysis of goods and report
  • testing of goods (for example specific gravity checks, quantity checks, product safety checks)
  • calibration and verification services for mass, length and volume
  • assessing new or revised terms and conditions for compliance
  • assessment of brochures, leaflets or websites intended to promote or market a business
  • delivery of training and talks to businesses
  • consultancy services provided to other organisations at the request of that organisation
  • site visits and inspections at the request of or with agreement of the business
  • costs incurred by us as a result of instigating a product safety recall if a business refuses to take action itself
  • policing of special events to eliminate illegal trading at the request of or with the agreement of the event organisers
  • all Trading Standards activity associated with the issue, amendment, replacement or transfer of a safety certificate under Safety of Sports Grounds legislation unless the amendment, replacement or transfer is instigated by Trading Standards. No charge will be made for enforcement activity

Tailored business advice

Businesses can access additional Trading Standards advice and guidance through a number of tailored packages ranging from ‘pay as you go’ support through to Primary Authority Agreements and bespoke business support packages. To access these services, a business must first register with us by completing a registration form and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the scheme.

For further information on the options available, see the relevant page within the business advice service section.

The business advice service remains free of charge to Essex businesses approved under the Buy With Confidence approved trader scheme and Essex based registered charities.

There will be no additional charge made for any time taken to translate business advice into different languages or provide business advice in different formats where that is deemed appropriate.

Response times

All requests for business advice will be acknowledged or responded to within 1 working day of receipt. If the enquiry is complex or is likely to take time to respond to, we will discuss and agree a timescale with the business and provide a written quotation for the work.

Fees and charging arrangements

Fees and charges can be found on the relevant page within the business advice service section.


This policy (including fees and charges) will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Policy review date: April 2024