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Updated 3 August 2020

Finding childcare

If you need help finding childcare, you can email us at

Direct payments

Our Children and Families Service is aware of the challenges the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak presents for those who use a direct payment to pay for their child or young person's care and support needs.

We wrote to all direct payment holders in March to provide information, guidance and details of how to contact us if they needed urgent support.

We've received questions from people about how to manage their Direct Payments under the current circumstances. We've produced guidance to answer these questions. We will update this regularly as we receive more questions and as guidance changes.

This guidance is for those who:

  • manage their own direct payment
  • have support from Purple, the company we currently use, to manage their direct payment
  • manage a direct payment on behalf of someone else

COVID-19: direct payments for children frequently asked questions (PDF, 422KB)

PPE for direct payment recipients

Direct payment recipients that need personal protective equipment (PPE) for themselves or their carers can buy them from a list of suppliers. We have checked that these suppliers will sell directly to individuals.

These suppliers have given us permission to publish their details and they've provided the information and the products on offer. We don't warrant or guarantee them.

See the list of PPE suppliers for direct payments users (Excel spreadsheet, 31KB)

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