Read what our Care Leavers have to say

“Now I’ve got my own place I am really enjoying having my independence.”

"Thinking about budgeting and finding out how much things cost really helped me manage the money I had to spend."

"Thank you so much for all this it’s like all my dreams come true in 1 day."

"Without The Prince’s Trust I’d be stuck. I’m determined to make a better life for myself."

"Thanks for all your help and service throughout my time with you, I really appreciate all your advice and the opportunity you showed me which landed me where I am today with work. I am truly thankful."

"My Personal Adviser has helped me set up a bank account, so my benefits can be processed and paid in on time."

"It’s important to see your doctor and dentist regularly – it’s a great way to MOT your body."

"My advocate helped put my thoughts across in words."

"It’s great to chat to people who are interested in the same things I am."