Supporting your relationships

Having strong and supportive relationships is crucially important for everyone. The support from your personal adviser will help you to understand how to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Wherever possible we will offer you additional practical and emotional support such as:

  • help to maintain or regain contact with people who are special to you, including those who have cared for you in the past
  • providing support from our Mental Health Co-ordinator, such as counselling and advice around relationship issues
  • re-connecting with family in a safe and planned way, including arranging and supporting time to help build relationships
  • support you to access your social care records, to support your identity.
  • support you in making relationships in the community
  • explore your identity by offering advice and support around your religion, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, disability or immigration status
  • provide you with information on local groups, activities, and clubs you may wish to join. (Please see ‘Useful Contacts’ page for further details)

We are here to support you and are always here to listen. You shouldn’t feel pressured into having a relationship with anyone that you don’t want to. If you ever feel like this, please speak with your personal adviser or social worker.