Special guardianship

Apply to legally take parental responsibility for a child you look after

Next steps: assessment and preparation training

If you have applied to be a special guardian, we'll send you an information pack. Then we'll need to assess how suited you would be to being a special guardian.

This assessment will be sent to the court. They cannot make a decision about whether to grant a special guardianship order until they have received this.

What's in the assessment

The assessment looks at:

  • information about the child
  • information about you
  • information about the child's family
  • the child's wishes and feelings
  • your ability to care for the child until they are 18
  • the child's safety
  • a medical report
  • how the order would affect everyone involved
  • recommendations for contact with the child's birth parent or parents
  • references and DBS checks
  • information about us

Special guardian and connected persons preparation training

It's important you have all the information you need to help you make the right decision for both you and the child.

During your assessment you will be expected to attend preparation training that is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding so that you feel informed, empowered and know where to go for support.

This is a 2-day training (from 9:30am to 2:30pm) and is followed up with a further 90 minute session. All sessions are held over Microsoft Teams.

This training includes:

  • an overview of special guardianship and connected persons fostering (looking at the differences, advantages and disadvantages of these options)
  • information regarding child development and attachment
  • advice on childhood trauma and the impact of this
  • how to understand child behaviour and what it may be communicating
  • therapeutic parenting method and models
  • a look at the emotional impact on you and self-care skills
  • considerations and advice on managing family time
  • an opportunity to meet others in the same situation and talk about sensitive issues
  • where to go for further information and local services