Equality and diversity

Our approach

We celebrate difference and work to ensure no one is disadvantaged when accessing services, employment or public life in Essex. The Equality Act 2010 sets out our duty in this area.

We provide information about how we comply with our equality duties each year and review our equality objectives at least every 4 years.

These objectives are set out in our Organisation Strategy (PDF 560 KB), aligned to our strategic aims.

These are:

Tackling the causes of disadvantage, ensuring residents can access good jobs and excellent education regardless of their background.

Removing obstacles holding residents back, tackling inequalities between children and supporting older people to live independently with dignity.

Helping people travel across Essex, bringing communities together and connecting them to services, employment and learning opportunities.

Employing a diverse workforce, drawing on the different values and experiences that reflect the communities we serve.

Our workforce

We monitor the make up of our workforce, and listen to feedback through surveys, panels and network groups.

You can find out more about our workforce in our Annual Workforce Diversity Report 2017 to 2018 (PDF 648 KB) and our Gender Pay Gap report 2018 (PDF 644 KB).

We have a range of support networks to support staff and promote change. These include:

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Network
  • Disabled Network
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Young Person and Apprentice Network


Our services are assessed by the Local Government Association using the Equality Framework for Local Government.

Our last inspection was in 2016, and we were rated 'excellent'.

Read what we did to prepare for this assessment in our equalities journey (PDF 2.6 MB).

Our next assessment will be in June 2019.

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