Planning, land and recycling: latest service update

Some of our services have changed. Visit our coronavirus hub for the latest information and advice. See updates about waste and recycling centres and minerals, waste and county council planning applications.

Floods and emergency planning


Go to Essex flood and water management to report a flood, find out if you're at risk of flooding and learn how to protect your property or community.

Emergency planning and resilience

Visit the Essex Resilience Forum to find out how to prepare your family, business or community for an emergency such as a heatwave, fuel shortage or industrial accident.

Our role in emergency planning

We have a statutory duty to ensure there are effective arrangements in place to respond to emergencies and deal with disruptions affecting public services in Essex.

In an emergency, we will, among other activities:

  • support the emergency services, as requested
  • provide support to people affected by an emergency
  • provide suitable transportation to support response efforts
  • support traffic management and highway clearance
  • liaise with and coordinate voluntary sector organisations
  • provide information to warn and inform the public
  • ensure the continuation of services to the public

Find out more about the Essex Resilience Forum and see how we work with other agencies to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Contact the Emergency Planning and Resilience Team

Tel: 0345 743 0430

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