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Specialist support

Active Essex

Active Essex is the Physical Activity and Sport Partnership for Essex, Southend and Thurrock. They work with local partners in place-based teams to:

Strengthening Communities is one of the 5 Strategic Priorities outlined in the strategy. Active Essex dedicate an entire team to contribute to this. The team works with a network of locally trusted organisations. Together they ensure the sector and Essex communities have capacity, support and resource to build on what is strong locally.

Active Essex will continue to build trusted relationships with local community, voluntary and system partners, acting as the conduit between the wider Public Health team, and local voluntary sector organisations. Together, we will actively seek local insights. This includes working alongside partners to sustain existing initiatives.

United in Kind

The United in Kind Coaches are there to support individuals, groups, clubs, organisations or services to:

  • get projects off the ground
  • extend or diversify existing activities or services
  • spread some kindness through the community

The Essex Alliance

The Essex Alliance is there to:

  • be a voice for the voluntary and community sector in Essex
  • facilitate the sector's stronger representation with stakeholders.

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The Essex Council for Voluntary Youth Services

The Essex Council for Voluntary Youth Services are the independent voice of the voluntary youth sector in Essex. They aim to support, network and resource the voluntary youth sector whilst building links and possibilities with statutory services that wish to engage with the sector.

The Essex Association of Local Councils

The Essex Association of Local Councils supports local Town and Parish councils within Essex to guide and support members to enhance their council to work to their full potential, serving their local communities. They work with various partnerships and committees within Essex to grow every aspect within the Local Council sector, attending regular meetings and conferences and campaign on behalf of members to raise awareness of their work and provide them with a range of services to support their needs.

Rural Community Council of Essex 

The Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) is an independent charity working to help communities in rural Essex build a thriving and sustainable future. Our work focuses on issues that impact on the life chances of people who live and work in the villages and rural towns of Essex today. This includes:

  • social isolation
  • access to services 
  • affordable housing 

It also manages the Essex Rural Partnership, which co-ordinates the work of a range of organisation’s concerned with the future of the county’s rural areas and facilitates collaborative working.