Living with a disability or health condition

Staying safe

Here's how you can help keep yourself, or someone you care about safe.

Report abuse

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be a victim of abuse or neglect, you should report it.

Keep Safe scheme

Many places in Essex run a Keep Safe scheme, where the venues display a yellow 'Keep Safe' sticker which means they will allow someone in need of help to make a telephone call from the venue.

The scheme is free to join if you are a vulnerable adult aged 16 or over.
Request your Keep Safe membership pack.

Bullying, harassment and hate crime

Stop Hate UK offer independent and confidential hate crime reporting services in Essex.

Whether you are a victim of hate crime, have witnessed an incident you believe to be a hate crime, or you are a third party to an incident that could be a hate crime, go to Stop Hate UK and report it.

You can find out more information on hate crime at:

Safety in the home

If you'd like more information on staying safe in your home, visit our section on Safety in the home.

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