County Council commits to supporting carers of all ages as new four-year carers strategy is launched

Elderly woman holding hands with young carer

The Essex All-Age Carers Strategy 2022-26 has launched. The strategy outlines how the county council, along with and partners, will support unpaid carers of all ages undertake the invaluable contribution they make to society.

Earlier this year the County Council announced ambitious plans to level up the county over the next 4 years.

To achieve this, 20 commitments have been made which aim to make Essex a stronger county for future generations. The commitments cover four key areas, economy, environment, health and family.

As part of these commitments, the county council pledges to support carers of all ages by achieving a step change in the advice, guidance and support they receive so they can live happy, healthy and independent lives. The launch of this strategy signals the beginning of work to achieve this.

At present, there are approximately 150,000 unpaid carers in Essex. They play a vital role supporting their families and friends to live independently within their own homes and their communities.

Whilst rewarding, caring can also be demanding. Maintaining school attendance, employment, social activities and friendships can be hard and that can have an impact on carers’ own physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

ECC Commitments to carers included within the strategy include:

  • To ensure carers can easily access the information, advice, guidance and support when they need it, early into their caring role.
  • To develop professional practice and processes to improve identification and support to carers.
  • to improve transitions for carers as they move through specific phases or life events in their caring role
  • To ensure carers have increased opportunity to access good quality support, including opportunities for breaks, to maintain their own wellbeing and those they care for.
  • To ensure carers’ needs and rights will be understood and recognised across Essex communities.
  • To recognise that carers will be the experts that influence, shape and be involved in the decisions that are intended to improve their support and wellbeing.

These commitments have been produced with carers themselves and the many voluntary and community sector organisations that support them.

View the Essex All Age Carers Strategy 2022-26.