Latest Thurrock Council direction

The Essex County Council Seax logo in red.

We have responded to the latest direction from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regarding, Thurrock Council.

Gavin Jones, Lead Commissioner for Thurrock, said: "Essex County Council has played a unique and successful role in the first year of Thurrock’s journey toward recovery. The ‘whole council’ approach to our Commissioners role means that we have been able to quickly bring resources, capacity and most importantly expertise to bear at short notice, quickly establishing the required support structures.


“Our work with Thurrock Council over the past year has involved a series of painstaking and detailed reviews and subsequent recommendations, including contributing to the best-value inspection report, to understand the scale, extent and impact of the financial crisis created by the council’s investment strategy, alongside work to understand and begin to address the council’s governance and cultural issues.


“Over the past year, thanks to the work of ECC officers and through the appointment of Dr Dave Smith as Managing Director Commissioner, we have begun to see the foundations for future improvement laid, providing the conditions for the council to take the first steps on the long road toward financial recovery and stability.


“A unique element of this work in Thurrock has involved supporting politicians and the Minister has acknowledged the role of ECC’s Leader Cllr Kevin Bentley in this.


“As we go forward there will be continuity in terms of Commissioner roles, with myself and Nicole Wood, ECC’s Executive Director of Corporate Services, continuing in our roles as Commissioners, but in a named capacity, rather than as part of ECC. This is important - there is still much to do on Thurrock’s recovery journey toward providing sustainable services for its residents.”

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