Wethersfield Airfield statement

White seaxes on a red background.

Cllr Louise McKinlay, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council, said: “Essex has a strong and positive track record of welcoming people who have been forced to leave their home country and seek asylum elsewhere. I am proud of the way residents have and continue to go above and beyond to provide support to those who need it. The policy of moving people out of expensive and unsustainable hotel accommodation is welcomed. However, ECC and local partners have been very clear about the real concerns we have about the sizeable adaption of Wethersfield Airfield into housing for asylum seekers. Our concern remains over the remoteness, accessibility and therefore suitability of the site and we are committed to protecting the needs of the local community.

“We are urgently seeking assurances from the Home Office as to the exact nature of this new facility along with details of the additional funding promised by government, which will be needed to mitigate the inevitable pressure on local services, particularly the impact on public health, social care and mental health support, that will undoubtedly occur as a result.

“We continue to speak with the Home Office and will be sharing additional information as it becomes available.”