Youth Mental Health Day 2023

A carton image of a teenage girl sitting with her hands on her knees and a bubble above her head.

Young people face many challenges today that can have a big impact on their mental health.

The focus of Youth Mental Health Day 2023 is on being brave. This can mean something different to everyone. For example, building confidence by working with others or trying something new.

There are services available locally that can encourage young people to be brave and support their wellbeing.

Young people of all ages can access the Essex Youth Service to get the most out of school, work and life. Volunteering, travelling and meeting other young people are great ways to be brave. These activities can also have a positive effect on young people’s wellbeing.

Achieve Thrive Flourish (ATF) effects change for underserved young people in South Essex. It teaches togetherness and life skills through a community-centred approach. By promoting wellbeing, ATF has helped many young people build resilience. It could also benefit your community.

There's also no doubt social media can affect wellbeing when pressure is on young people. Anyone can access the online safety campaign by the Essex Safeguarding Children Board. This teaches safe internet use to help young people feel brave online. It can also inform parents, carers or guardians.

Nationally, YoungMinds offers free information and resources to support young people’s mental health. There is also support available for those caring for them. If you or a family member are struggling with mental health, further support is available in Essex.

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