Barclays Locals open in Clacton and Rayleigh libraries

A group of men and women in business attire cut a ribbon outside a library.

You can now manage your money and access financial services in Clacton and Rayleigh libraries.

We've partnered with Barclays to open Barclays Locals in libraries across Essex. These provide face-to-face support without the need to travel to a branch.

Barclays Locals give you more options to interact with a bank and get financial support.

The bank has so far opened more than 350 Barclays Locals across the country. More are planned to open in Essex libraries over the coming months.

Councillor Mark Durham, Cabinet Member for The Arts, Heritage and Culture, said: “While modern online banking is amazing, we must not neglect those who are less familiar with the technology required to access it or prefer face-to-face support.

“I am therefore pleased Barclays has decided to open a Barclays Local at Clacton and Rayleigh libraries. These are fantastic spaces where local residents can now manage their money and access financial help without needing to travel to a branch.”

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