Fulfilling our promises for Everyone’s Essex

Sign reading 'welcome to Essex' against a meadow of yellow flowers under a blue sky.

It has been three years since we made our promise to achieve four priorities for residents and businesses:

  • a strong, inclusive and stable economy
  • a high-quality environment
  • health, wellbeing and independence for all ages
  • a good place for children and families to grow

While there is more to do in our administration’s final year, we have been making good on our word.

We have saved £800 million since 2012 to ensure stability for the future. This is more important than ever with the challenges faced by local authorities across the UK. In fact, local government has seen 40% less funding since 2012.

Strong money management means we have been able to continue investing in essential services and economic growth.

We are delivering major public assets as part of our capital spending programme. This includes the first railway station on the Great Eastern mainline in over 100 years.

Roads and infrastructure are always a top priority. In fact, 90% more potholes were repaired last year compared to the previous year.

We have also continued investing in the services you told us you value. Unlike many places in the UK, no Essex libraries have been closed by this administration.

Country parks and other green spaces have received more funding as part of our £250 million Climate Action Plan. These make a big difference to residents’ health and wellbeing.

Looking after the most vulnerable in society is a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why we launched the Essex Care Technology Service to help over 7,500 people live as independently as possible.

We are proud to have some of the best social care services in the country and will continue investing in them.

We know many residents struggle with high interest rates and rising inflation. That is why we created a £50 million cost-of-living programme.

This has funded summer clubs so thousands of young people can enjoy holiday activities. It’s also helped young people get hot meals outside school term times.

We look forward to sharing real-life examples of how residents have directly benefited from our commitments.

Read our full Everyone’s Essex pledge as we look to refresh it over the coming weeks.