Step into spring with the safer, greener, healthier walking challenge

Low shot of a woman's running shoes as she walks through a sunny woods.

The third annual safer, greener, healthier walking challenge launches on 1 April.

You can sign up now and challenge yourself to walk 35,000 steps a week or 5,000 steps a day.

This year’s challenge is called Step into Spring. It will run for six weeks until 12 May.

One participant each week will be randomly selected to win an annual Go Jauntly Premium Membership.

There will also be three overall winners announced at the end of the challenge. Prizes will include:

•           Gold - a Fitbit

•           Silver - All4One £50 voucher

•           Bronze - £25 Etsy voucher

Last year’s challenge saw participants log over 213 million steps. That’s the equivalent of collectively walking 162,550km.

63% of participants agreed the challenge encouraged them to walk more than they usually would. 

The challenge is part of our aim to see Essex become safer, greener and healthier.

We want to offer residents greater choices in how they travel. Be it walking, cycling or taking the bus or train. 

You can sign up for the challenge any time within its six-week period.