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Parent carers of disabled children

If you are a parent or guardian who looks after a child with disabilities, a long-term health condition, or learning difficulties, there are ways to get support for you and your family.

Short breaks for disabled children and their families

Find out more about short breaks disabled children and their families.

Assessment under the Children Act

An assessment under the Children Act will consider all the help that the disabled child needs, the needs of any other children in the family, and the help that you may need to care for the disabled child. The assessment will allow us to make decisions about the support they can provide for you and your family.

A separate carer's assessment

In most cases, you will not need to have a separate carer's assessment if you and your family have had a needs assessment.

However, if you are a parent carer of a disabled child under 18, you have a right to a separate carer's assessment of your own if the assessment for the child under the Children Act does not fully meet all of your needs.

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