Planning enforcement

Our Planning Enforcement Officer investigates complaints relating to:

  • active minerals and waste sites
  • unauthorised minerals and waste activity

We can only investigate matters under the control of the County Council, as defined in the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act. For an explanation of a county matter, see our guide: Development involving county matters guidance note (PDF, 2MB).

The Planning Enforcement Officer’s role is to deal with harm caused by breaches of planning control. In the event of an alleged breach, they’ll open an investigation that normally concludes when, for example:

  • they find there has been no breach
  • planning permission is granted
  • harm caused by a breach is dealt with where planning legislation allows

Informal discussions between the operator and the relevant officer will take place in the first instance to see whether the issue can be resolved without recourse to more formal action. However, in the event that it is not possible to resolve the issue informally, enforcement action may be taken.

Any enforcement action will be taken in line with the policies in our Local Enforcement and Site Monitoring Plan (PDF, 2.9MB). This explains how complaints can be made and how we investigate them.

Report a suspected breach

If you’re concerned that a minerals or waste site is not meeting the conditions of planning permission, please complete an Enforcement complaints form (DOC, 52KB) and send to

Or if you have ongoing concerns with a particular site, you can record these on the attached Enforcement diary sheet (DOC, 66KB) and return to

Once we’ve received your complaint, an officer will investigate.

Planning enforcement reports

We provide quarterly summaries of enforcement action – see below. These are kept online for a year after publication.

Planning Enforcement Report July 2020 (PDF, 110KB)
Planning Enforcement Report April 2020 (PDF, 107KB)
Planning Enforcement Report July 2019 (PDF, 60KB)
Planning Enforcement Report April 2019 (PDF, 51KB)

Anyone served with an enforcement notice has a right to appeal. See the Planning Portal’s guide to appealing an enforcement notice.

To view an enforcement notice, see our planning portal.

If you have a query about enforcement, please contact us.

Contact the County Planning Enforcement Officer

County Planning Enforcement Officer: Suzanne Armstrong

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