Gypsies and Travellers

Find a permanent site, report an unauthorised encampment, and get support to access education, healthcare and fire safety advice

Get support to access education

We can help your child to access education and have the best possible experience at school. We support Gypsy and Traveller children and young people who:

  • arrive from other areas
  • need help with school transfers or transition
  • are new to schooling
  • travel seasonally for work

We can help by:

  • arranging for you and your child to visit schools and going along to support
  • helping you to secure a school place for your child for a short period of time if your family travels for work
  • supporting your child to settle into a new school
  • supporting you and your child if they experience bullying at school
  • supporting you to apply for school transport and free school meals
  • supporting you with school-based distance learning, helping your child continue education through the travelling season while staying in touch with the base school
  • visiting you to monitor distance learning and give advice

Starting school

Please note, when your child starts school, you’ll be asked to complete a form about their ethnic background. It’s important to choose the category that best describes your culture and values so that:

  • teachers can link your child’s home experience to their work in school
  • staff in your child’s school can learn about your culture
  • schools, the Department for Education and the local authority can check that every child is being treated fairly
  • the school can take extra care if they know your child may be at a higher risk of being bullied


Contact the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU)