Climate and planning advice and guidance

Find out what we are doing to support net zero developments and how we can help you


We established our Climate and Planning Unit (CaPU) with funding from the Essex Climate Action Commission. Its aim is to support planning officers working with stakeholders to construct low carbon new developments that:

  • are net zero to industry best practice
  • mitigate, adapt and are resilient to a changing climate

CaPU supports Greater Essex local planning authority officers in district, borough, and city councils across Essex. They assist the Local Planning Authorities to deliver local plans with climate-related policy, based on a robust and common evidence base.

Officers in the CaPU team have established a climate planning policy support (CPPS) group. The group meets regularly to provide climate and planning support to Essex planning officers. 

Advice for new build homes and buildings in Greater Essex

Our team can offer specialist advice on:

  • climate mitigation and adaptation strategies for development proposals of different scales
  • responding and aligning to national and local climate targets
  • the review of energy strategies
  • climate resilience, including overheating risk
  • incorporating whole life carbon assessment and minimising embodied carbon emissions
  • monitoring energy use post occupancy in new developments
  • achieving net zero carbon developments¬†

We define net zero carbon developments as those that are:

  • fossil fuel free
  • highly energy efficient
  • meeting space heating and total energy use metrics
  • able to maximise renewable energy on site to match annual demand
  • able to deliver net zero from the outset
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