Appeal a planning decision

Appeal a planning decision or an enforcement notice

How to appeal

You can appeal against our decision on your minerals, waste or county council development planning application. Only you, as the applicant, can appeal.

You can appeal:

  • against a decision to refuse planning permission
  • against any conditions imposed as part of planning permission
  • when no decision is made within the statutory period

You must appeal to the Planning Inspectorate within six months of the date on the decision notice – or within six months of the date a decision was due.

Visit the Planning Inspectorate's website to appeal or search for a planning decision or notice.

More information

See the Planning Portal’s short guide to planning appeals.

Go to the government website for full guidance on planning appeals, including how long one might take.

Appeal procedure

Planning inspectors determine most appeals on the Secretary of State’s behalf. The Secretary of State can also make the decision on an appeal. This is known as a ‘recovered appeal’.

For a full overview of procedure, view the Planning Inspectorate’s Planning appeals: procedural guide.

Comment on an appeal

Anyone can comment on an appeal and interested parties’ submissions play an important role in planning. The inspector takes representations in support of or against a proposal into account, along with other material considerations.

View the government’s guidance on commenting on an appeal.

Enforcement notice appeals

You can also appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against an Enforcement Notice. You must do this before the notice takes effect.

Visit the Planning Portal for a short guide to enforcement appeals.

See the government’s Appeal an enforcement notice guidance for a full explanation.