Sustainable travel

Includes sustainable travel guidance for residential developments, businesses and schools

We aim to use our roads and transport network to promote sustainable economic growth in Essex. We provide help with creating travel plans for new developments, businesses and schools. We also work with partner organisations to improve and promote our railways.

Travel plans

Travel plans aim to promote greener modes of transport. We can help you create a travel plan for:

  • a new residential development
  • a workplace
  • a new or expanding school

Residential travel plans

Housing developments with more than 80 dwellings need a travel plan. In some cases, developments with fewer homes will also need a plan. For example, where there are concerns around pollution, congestion and pressures on the existing road network.

We work with developers and transport consultants to create and deliver residential travel plans for new developments. We also supply and distribute travel information packs for these developments, which are often a condition for planning consent.

Refer to our Residential travel plan template (DOC, 95.65KB) and Residential travel plan guidance notes (DOC, 7.15MB) to help you get started. We have other resources available on request – please contact us using the email address below for more information.

Our dedicated residential travel plan coordinator can help developers and consultants to:

  • conduct site visits
  • promote the travel plan
  • monitor and review residential travel plans

Business travel plans

New or growing business developments with 50 or more employees will need a travel plan. New businesses with fewer employees may need one where:

  • the development will have a significant impact on the local road network
  • there are existing transport, infrastructure, congestion or pollution problems

We help developers, businesses and transport consultants to create, implement and monitor business travel plans.

Our travel plan templates can be used to help you create a plan for either a development with a single user or for multiple occupants. Travel plan template - single user (DOC, 82.48KB) Travel plan template - multiple occupants (DOC, 83.28MB)

Accompanying guidance notes are available to help: Travel plan template - single user guidance notes (DOC, 118.49KB) Travel plan template - multiple occupants guidance notes (DOC, 117.89KB

Smarter Travel for Essex Network

Join other organisations within the Smarter Travel for Essex Network (STEN) to promote active and sustainable travel to your employees. We offer bespoke support, free of charge, to organisations with:

  • car park management issues
  • making alternative travel modes an attractive option for employees
  • entry into a National Accreditation Scheme

School travel plans

All schools need to have a travel plan. This will usually focus on pupils but will also engage parents and staff, as well as looking at how the school interacts with the local area.

Schools have free access to the Modeshift STARS online tool. Use this to create, maintain and improve your school travel plan, earning bronze, silver and gold accreditation.

We can help you develop a school travel plan free of charge. Our school travel plan framework (DOC, 119.71KB) will allow you to:

  • assess demand from pupils
  • identify and analyse any transport issues
  • produce an action plan to make journeys to and from school safer, healthier and more enjoyable.

Getting around in Essex

Visit Getting Around in Essex for information on travelling around the county by all transport modes, including cycle routes, public rights of way and bus timetables.

South Essex Active Travel

We worked with Southend and Thurrock councils to deliver the South Essex Active Travel project. This was funded by the Department for Transport with the aim to boost active travel and improve access to jobs, learning and skills in south Essex.

The project has now come to an end. However, work is still going on to promote active and sustainable travel within the area.

A legacy from the project has been the development of Forward Motion South Essex , which gives residents information about active travel initiatives within their local area. If groups from Basildon, Castle Point or Rochford have events that can be included on the website please contact

Rail strategy and the Community Rail Partnership

We’re part of the Essex and South Suffolk Community Rail Partnership, which encourages rail travel on the five branch lines in Essex.


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