Money, debt and benefits

Includes independent financial advice, coping with a cash crisis and benefits entitlement


All money and debt problems can be solved and there are lots of organisations that offer free help.

Your local Citizens Advice can speak to you in person or over the phone about money, debt and benefits.

Christians Against Poverty offers free debt advice and runs money courses in Essex.

You can also get debt and money advice from:

Free money management courses

Math skills

A Multiply course can help boost your maths skills so you are more confident when:

  • creating a household budget
  • finding an energy supplier
  • understanding and challenging bills
  • comparing the price of food and other household goods
  • deciding between bank accounts

Find your nearest Multiply provider to help you manage your money.

Help with loan sharks

Loan sharks are illegal moneylenders that often charge very high interest rates.

Visit Stop Loan Sharks to report a loan shark anonymously or find out more.