Money, debt and benefits

Includes independent financial advice, coping with a cash crisis and benefits entitlement

Household Support Fund

If you are facing hardship, you can get help with your essential household costs. The organisations on this page can help you to access support through the Department for Work and Pensions’ Household Support Fund. You do not need to be claiming benefits to get support.

Visit the cost of living hub on for more advice and support.

Where to get support

Essex Essential Living Fund

Anyone can apply for this funding. You will need to answer questions about your income, earnings and savings. You also need to give proof of your financial situation.

The Essential Living Fund can help pay for:

  • furniture
  • household furnishings
  • white goods
  • clothing and footwear, including school uniforms in exceptional circumstances
  • general living expenses such as groceries, nappies, toiletries and money for pay-as-you-go fuel meters

You must live in Essex and apply through Southend Borough Council.

Citizens’ Advice in Essex

Citizens’ Advice can provide advice on energy payments and information on other support services.

You can get help by contacting your local centre: