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Procurement teams

Procurement teams

Procurement consists of three front facing teams, People, Place and Corporate. Across these teams the total value of all managed contracts is £3.9bn with over 1300 suppliers managed.


The Corporate Procurement team consists of two main sub teams: Core Corporate and Technology working with over 200 suppliers and supporting a number of organisationally critical systems.

The Core Corporate team covers a wide variety of services throughout the council and the county, including The Pensions Service, The Finance Service, all Public Library Services, Consultancy, Organisation, Development & People and The Coroners Service.

The Tech Services team in Corporate is split into two main areas, one covers all software needs and the other covering hardware and networks.


The Place Procurement team is divided into five major sub teams: Highways and Major Schemes, Passenger Transport, Waste, Energy and Environment, Construction and Schools PFI and Housing and Facilities Management.

The Place team manage in excess of 100 contracts with over 125 suppliers. They cover a range of strategic contracts, framework agreements and DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) contracts with an approximate value of £450m per annum across both revenue and capital spend."


The People team cover several service areas including older people, adults with disabilities, mental health, education, children and families and public health.

Within adult social care, over 15,600 adults are supported through partnership with over 1150 suppliers to achieve the best possible outcomes for Essex residents.

We support the delivery of statutory and non-statutory services with the aim of improving outcomes for all in Essex in receipt of our support.

For further information, visit our Provider Hub.

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