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What is Social Value?

Social value is the view beyond price that looks at the collective value an organisation/organisations can bring to the community. Social value is something Essex County Council wants to collaboratively work on with all of its suppliers to benefit Essex. Examples include:

  • create employment opportunities for care leavers
  • support local employment
  • introduce apprenticeships
  • give careers advice and employment support for the long term unemployed
  • create work experience opportunities
  • upskill the workforce
  • give career advice to school leavers via visits to schools
  • donate time or money to local community schemes
  • organise workshops for new business start ups
  • reduce the use of plastic
  • pay Essex staff the real living wage

Our Social Value priorities

At Essex our main social value priorities are centred around the support of entry level employment, local employment, employment of disadvantaged groups and environmental measures.

There are four main targets under employability which are:

  • local employment focussing on Essex
  • entry level employment
  • employment opportunities for care leavers
  • employment opportunities for people with disabilities

This is also accompanied by the increased awareness and implementation of environmentally friendly measures, such as introduction of cycle to work schemes, car-pooling and the use of low or no emission vehicles in your organisations fleet.

Introducing Social Value to your business

A good starting point when implementing social value into your organisation is to ask yourself these questions:

Making a difference in Essex

  • Do you do things that could bring employment to Essex?
  • How could you reshape your business to create opportunities for different groups of people?
  • What do you that benefits the environment?

Supply chains

  • How much of your supply chain is in Essex?
  • Could you engage with your supplier to encourage them to make a difference?
  • What do you do to support local SMEs?

Social Value Catalogue

Our social value catalogue gives more information on how to implement social value initiatives in your organisation.

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