Running the council

  • How decisions are made

    Find out about decision making, council meetings, committees and our constitution

  • Get involved

    Attend meetings, start a petition or take part in a consultation

  • County council elections

    Find out when the next election is and how you can take part

  • Request information

    Request information under the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act

  • Senior officers

    Find out about the council employees who implement decisions and run services

  • Our constitution

    Our constitution includes rules for running the council and Members' code of conduct

  • Code of governance

    Read the rules and policies that make up our code of governance

  • Plans and strategies

    Find out more about our plans for the future of Essex

  • Publication scheme and transparency

    The Essex Publication Scheme provides information about our services, spending and priorities

  • Equality and diversity

    Find out what equality and diversity means for our staff, residents and businesses

  • Report fraud

    Report misuse of our services, including social care, grants, schools, staff, blue badge or travel schemes

  • Make a payment

    Pay social care and sundry invoices, penalty charges and licence fees