Village greens and common land

As the commons registration authority, we maintain the register of common land and village greens in Essex. The register lists information about each common land or village green 'unit' including:

  • a description of the land and its boundaries
  • who has rights to use it and what these rights are
  • who owns it – or who owned it when it was first registered

Apply for a copy of the register

We can provide a copy of the register for a particular village green or common land unit for a fee of £10. However, we require the unit number to process the request.

If the unit number is not known, you should contact your local borough or district council and ask for their Land Charges department to find out how to make an appropriate search. They will advise on the forms and fees required. Common Land and Town and Village Green searches are dealt with under Con29 Question 22 (Optional Enquiries of the Local Authority).

To request a copy of the register, please contact us using the details below. The fee of £10.00 should be paid by cheque. Cheques should be made out to Essex County Council.

Contact the Environmental Law and Property Team

Tel: 0333 013 2305

Essex Legal Services
Seax House
Victoria Road South

View the register in person

If you’d like to check the register of common land and village greens in person, you can make an appointment with us to do so. This is free of charge and can be done between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Please request an appointment using the Environmental Law and Property Team contact details above.

Amend the register

You can apply to amend the register of common land and village greens including by applying to:

  • correct a mistake on the register
  • record a historic 'right of common'

To find out how, see the government's Common land: guidance for commons registration authorities and applicants. This includes guidance for members of the public wishing to apply to make changes.

Register a village green

See the government's guidance on how to apply to register a village green.

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