What happens when you call the Children and Families Hub

What to expect when you call the Children and Families hub

You can reach the hub by phoning: 0345 603 7627. We're open 8.45 am to 5.15 pm Monday to Friday.

Outside these hours you can call: 0345 606 1212.

You can call for a consultation. Normally this is for information, advice and guidance to support families who would fall into the level 2 or level 3 categories of support.

You can also call to raise a priority concern. This would normally be about a child who might fall into the level 4 category.

You can find out more about getting the right level of support on our Request support from us pages.

On the call

On the call you should ask for the 'Children and Families Hub', and let them know if it is a consultation or a priority call.

Consultation line

If you ask for a consultation, a social worker will listen to your concerns and identify actions you may need to take.

This will not be recorded on our system.

Priority line

If your call requires an immediate response for safeguarding reasons, you should ask for the priority line.


The call advisor will listen to your concerns and signpost support.

This could include:

  • giving information, advice and guidance so families can access services that meet their level of need
  • consider a referral to Family Solutions using the Request for Support form (this must be completed with the family involved)
  • where there is a significant risk of harm contact the Assessment and Intervention team