What is a Team Around the Family (TAF)?

Learn more about what happens at a Team Around the Family (TAF) meeting

A Team Around the Family (TAF) meeting should take place when a concern identifies the need for a multi-agency response.

It provides the opportunity to discuss how additional needs can be met.

The main purposes of a TAF

The main purposes of TAFs are to:

  • bring together children, young people, parents and practitioners
  • put in place a coordinated approach to support the individual or family‚Äôs needs
  • make sure everyone has an equal role in agreeing goals and actions needed to meet them
  • make sure to recognise and acknowledge the needs of parents and carers and their role in meeting the needs of the child or young person

The parent or carer and, where appropriate, the child or young person should always attend the meeting.

What happens at a TAF meeting

At the meeting professionals should:

  • share information
  • identify actions to address needs and build on strengths
  • coordinate services so they do not overlap
  • review progress
  • where appropriate, agree to consult with or refer to other services, and invite them to the next meeting
  • identify gaps in support and reflect this in the planning

The meeting should be as small as possible, so that the child or young person and family members do not feel overwhelmed.


Identify an appropriate TAF Co-ordinator through discussions at the initial TAF.

Members of the TAF are jointly responsible for developing and delivering the package of support including capturing notes on the TAF template.

Each member is responsible for delivering their assigned actions of the action plan. Members are also responsible for keeping each other informed about their progress and any concerns.

Each member should support the TAF Co-ordinator by:

  • keeping them informed
  • providing information
  • providing consultation when required
  • attending meetings

Members should offer constructive contributions when attempting to solve problems or resolve difficulties. They should encourage families to take an equal role in the process and take a solution focussed approach.

Getting started with your TAF

You can watch videos on the council's YouTube channel to find out about:

Contact a Team Around the Family Support Officer

If you are a practitioner, please contact our Team Around the Family Support Officers (TAFSO). TAFSOs can support practitioners to feel confident holding Team Around the Family Meetings and completing Early Help Plans.

Practitioners can email their Team around the Family Support Officer asking for contact to be made with you: TAFSO@essex.gov.uk

If you are a parent or carer, contact someone at your children's school, nursery or college, or a practitioner you are working with, to discuss having a Team Around the Family meeting.