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After your school offer

16 April 2018

Primary and Secondary School Admissions 2018

If you have received your offer of a Reception, Year 3 or Year 7 secondary school place for September 2018, please see the information below:


A. Guidance once you have received an offer

For enquiries about school uniforms, induction arrangements and start dates you should contact the school directly. Contact details for all schools in Essex can be accessed using our admission booklets.


If the school you have been offered is outside of the Essex County Council area, we advise you to read the information on the website of the local authority in which the school is located.

B. How were applications considered and places allocated?

All applications have to be considered against the admission arrangements and oversubscription criteria for schools. These can also be found in the booklets referred to above.

Applications are ranked against the oversubscription criteria for each school for which a parent applied, and a place offered at the highest of the ranked preferences that can be met.
Where a place cannot be offered at any of the schools for which you applied, a place is offered at the nearest Essex school to the home with an available place. 


C. Can I now apply for a different school?

Yes. Remember that you should not reject the school offer you have until you have secured another place as there is no guarantee a different school will have spare places.
If you want to apply for a school for which you did not apply originally, you should email to request a place at that school.
Some parents decide that they would prefer a school that they ranked lower on their original application than the school offered. If that school has places available, it may be possible to offer a place. If there are no spare places, your child can be added to the waiting list. To request this, you should also email

D. Can I appeal against the refusal of a place?

You have the legal right to appeal to an independent appeal panel against the decision not to admit your child at any of your preferred schools for which you have not been offered a place. See further details about the appeals process and deadlines

E. What if I need further advice?

If, having read the information on this page and the other pages on the school admissions website, you still have further questions, please contact 0345 603 2200.

F. Further information

You may also wish to refer to the Primary and Secondary Education in Essex 2018/19 booklets for more information.