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Education and Schools

24 October 2018

Child filling in questionnaire

Here you’ll find information on the different types of schools and education available in Essex, including early education, adult learning and help with costs. There are many learning courses open to adults to further work and life skills and we can help you find them. We also provide support for any issues children or parents may be facing, such as attendance problems, bullying and how to make a complaint. Here we explain the role of the governing body and what to do if you would like to be more active within your local school. 


Information on primary and secondary schools and admissions, school transport, attendance and home education. You’ll find help with homework, out of school activities and issues such as bullying.   

Early years and childcare 

Information on the types of schools available, the Early Years Foundation Stage and getting help with costs. 

Adult learning

Learning opportunities for adults, including flexible courses to refresh basic skills and improve job prospects and information on funding and support. 

Travel to school

Information and options about travel to and from school.  

School governors

Information about how to become a school governor and the role of the governing body. 

Information for schools

If you work in schools or provide education services, you may find the resources in our Information for schools page useful. Here you can find the Essex Grid for Learning and information for school governors