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Waiting lists - Primary and Secondary places for September 2019

15 April 2019

If you have been refused a place at a school which you ranked higher in your application than the school offered, then your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list.

Primary school waiting lists will be available from 8am on 2 May 2019. Information about these waiting list positions will not be available before this date.

Waiting list position

To check your child’s current position on the waiting list, you will need your child's Essex student ID number. This can be found as ‘Student ID’ on the letter you received about your application from us.

If you pay your council tax to another authority, please contact the School Admissions Team on 0345 603 2200 to get your child’s Essex student ID. 
You will receive a letter if an offer is made from a waiting list and we won’t call you.
If you applied for a school that’s outside the Essex County Council area, for example Southend-on-Sea, please contact the relevant local authority for further information about checking waiting list positions for your child.

How applications are considered

All applications are considered against the admission arrangements and oversubscription criteria for schools.

For example, you applied for 4 schools, in order of preference – A, B, C, D. 

If your child has been offered a place at school A, they will not be added to the waiting lists for school B, C or D.

However, if your child was offered a place at school B, C or D, they will be added to the waiting lists of the schools above them in your list. 

You can find more information within our our primary school admission booklet and our secondary school admission booklet.

How waiting list places are ranked

Your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list in the priority order set out in each school’s individual admissions policy - see our primary admissions policy and secondary school admissions policy for more information.

Waiting lists are updated every time a child’s name is added or removed. This means your child’s position may move up or down on the waiting list as circumstances change. For example, due to late applications being made where the child’s application ranks higher against the school’s admissions policy, or if a child moves address and the lives closer to the school. 

Having your child’s name on a waiting list will not affect your right to appeal for any of the schools to which you applied for and have been refused a place.

Some Essex secondary schools have 2 waiting lists. This is the case for the 2 Chelmsford grammar schools and schools with a specialist test. If your child has sat a test for one of these schools, you may be given 2 waiting list positions. 

How long waiting lists are active

We hold waiting lists for Reception, Year 3 (for some schools) and Year 7 admissions in September 2019 for all oversubscribed schools in Essex until the end of August. After this, we continue to maintain waiting lists for any oversubscribed community and voluntary controlled (VC) schools until 31 December. 

From 1 September, oversubscribed foundation, voluntary aided (church) schools and Academies maintain their own waiting lists until a minimum of 31 December 2019. 

Changing your mind after your offer

You must email if:

  • you still wish to be considered for a place at a school that you ranked lower in your preference list
  • you wish to be removed from the waiting lists for schools higher in your preference list
  • you wish to have your child’s details added to the waiting list for a school that was not one of your original preferences

If you move address

Where you live is an important factor in the admissions policy for most schools. 
If you move address whilst your child is on a waiting list, you need to email us evidence of your new address. For example:
  • a signed tenancy agreement if you are renting
  • a solicitor’s letter confirming you have exchanged contracts if you are purchasing your new home

If your new address affects your child’s positions on any waiting lists, their waiting list position will change.