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Council property

9 August 2018

Essex County Council, County Hall Entrance 

Land and buildings

We ensure that we make the best possible use of all council properties to meet the needs of the people of Essex. 


The council's property portfolio is spread throughout Essex and includes community schools, libraries, country parks, children’s centres and offices. It also includes sites which are council owned (freehold) and those that we occupy as tenants under leases or other arrangements. 

Property list

In line with the Local Government Transparency Code, we've produced a list of council property interests in excel and csv formats.
We hold property under three types of ownership (tenures):
  • Freehold – ECC owns the asset
  • Leasehold – ECC is the tenant under a long or short-term lease
  • Managed (freehold, lease or licence) – ECC occupies partly under non-lease sharing arrangement, or manages the site in a non-corporate capacity, such as a trustee.


For more information about any of the sites on the list please contact


Essex County Council is a member of the Essex Property Group, a partnership of authorities in Essex that have come together to develop and maintain an online mapping tool which provides details of publicly owned land in the county.


Community Asset Transfer

Community Asset Transfer (CAT) is the process by which smaller parcels of land and assets held by Essex County Council (ECC) are transferred to local community groups. This has the advantage of empowering the community (in line with the Government’s Localism agenda).
The attached policy has been developed to provide a clear transparent basis for the consideration of applications for the transfer of assets to the community.
If you would like to discuss further, please contact

Health and safety

If you need to report an intruder alarm nuisance, vandalism or any matter relating to health and safety, including the presence of asbestos in a county council building, please contact the building manager or call us at County Hall on 01245 435525. 

Local authority searches (Highway questions)

Local Authority Searches are usually performed when buying or leasing land or other property. Essex County Council as the Highway Authority provides highway, traffic and related information to local councils and Personal Search Companies.

Planning objections 

Most planning applications are the responsibility of your local district council.
However, if your objection relates to the development of a Community school or a matter related to minerals and waste then you can contact the planning team.
If your objection is in connection with a development in Southend-on-Sea or Thurrock then you should contact those authorities directly. 

Supplying building materials and construction 

If you are a builder, sub-contractor or supplier see our guidance on how Essex County Council procures its goods and services.